Welcome to Doctor J Hoofcare


My name is Jake Funk. My base of operation is in Manitoba, Canada. I've been in the Cattle Hoofcare Business for 23 years, for which I'd like to thank all my loyal customers who have made this possible.

I've created this website in hopes of providing better service, not only to my customers but for all Cattle Farmers.

I will do my best to gather as much information on Hoofcare Products and information regarding Hoofcare of Cattle, in hopes of making life a little easier for the Mordern Day Farmer. Saving your valuable time by me doing the research for you and then posting it here.

The Hoofcare Articles will be under "Articles" on the Navigation Bar. On this page you will find a variety of articles topics which all effect healthy hooves. Simply click on download and a PDF Article will open. When you exit the article you will still remain on the website to view other topics. Each articles can be saved on your computer for future viewing.